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Sporting South Photography Basketball Player 5x3 banner
Sporting South Photography Volleyball Team Poster with Individual Portraits
Sporting South Photography Cheerleader 5x3 banner
Sporting South Photography Volleyball Individual Player Poster

Sporting South Photography provides custom-designed and personalized posters and banners for schools and club teams.

Banners come in a variety of sizes and are available in heavy duty vinyl suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, or in wind-resistant mesh for outdoors. Banners are great for recognizing seniors or showcasing your whole  team or club.


I work with each organization to create designs that will show off your athletes and make an impression on visitors. banners start at $69.95, and include the graphic design work, photo retouching, editing, printing and delivery.  A session rate applies when shooting new images for compositing. 

Posters are available in three sizes and in many designs that feature either an individual athlete or a whole team.  Each design is customized for your organization, with your logo and colors, team names, and slogans.  I am always adding designs from which to choose.  Posters are printed on heavy, high-gloss poster paper and start at $39.95, with discounts available for bulk orders. Poster pricing includes the design work, photo retouching, and printing, with free shipping on orders over $50.00.  Customized posters are always included as a purchase option when sporting south provides your team and individual photos. 

Team Table Displays are rigid, dent- and water-resistant posters designed for sports like volleyball and competition cheer, where teams set up food tables or team tables during competitions. Any team poster design can be ordered as a table display to show off your team during events. Team Table Displays are printed directly on heavy-duty PVC board, and come with an attached easel stand on the back.  Team Table Displays are a professional alternative to crafting a team display on flimsy posterboard.  Displays are available in two sizes and start at $89.95, including all graphic design and layout work, photo retouching, printing and delivery.  

Sporting South Photography Volleyball Team Poster
Sporting South Photography Volleyball Payer 6x3 banner
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Sporting South Photography Football Plyer4x3 banner

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